Software Intern

The following is an example of a qualified / professional Software Intern resume sample(s). These resume examples uses an integration resume layout. The Resume initiates with the applicants qualification profile, outlining key-qualifications for Software job field.

Then, the candidate has an outline of their full work experience (employment history) in sequential order with employment dates on file.

Next is the Educational background, listed in descending order (most recent first). It then moves onto the Professional Background, highlighting skills separated into professional & personal skills.

And lastly, Certifications/Licenses that the candidate it involved with. Then a final part displays any other additional information that the candidate want it to be listed.

Resume Example for Software Intern

Software Intern

Iowa City, IA

Willing to relocate to: Iowa City, IA – Cedar Rapids, IA – Des Moines, IA

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Software Intern

Cyber-Anatomy Corp

Coralville, IA

June 2014 to August 2014

Worked 30 hours per week for Cyber-Anatomy Corp., a leading developer of interactive, 
immersive educational software 
• Developed interactive 3D models and simulations of chemical and biological systems and processes for use in Cyber Science 3D, an interactive software program focused on instruction and learning for K-12 science 
• Developed interactive 3D models and simulations of human anatomical systems and processes for use in Cyber-Anatomy, an interactive software program focused on instruction and learning for college-level human anatomy coursework

Research Intern

University of Iowa Center for Computer-Aided Design

Center, Iowa, US

June 2011 to 2013

Worked 30 hours per week for the Virtual Soldier Research Program in support of the development of Santos, a predictive human model used for the US Department of Defense and 
several large-scale manufacturing companies to predict and assess human performance. 
• Developed software in the Unity gaming engine to produce realistic bullet impact patterns. 
• Utilized 3DVIA Virtools platform to produce detailed facial expressions. 
• Produced an interactive demonstration of the Santos digital human model to represent the positioning and degrees of freedom of all skeletal joints included in the Santos model.

Data Analysis Intern

University of Iowa Center for Computer-Aided Design

Center, Iowa, US

June 2010 to August 2010

• Worked 30 hours per week in support of the 3D Biomechanical Research Laboratory. 
• Supported detailed human subject research in human motion analysis using motion capture 
technology and 3D modeling and simulation techniques. 
• Placed and calibrated motion capture markers on human subjects for testing. 
• Performed equipment maintenance and calibration. 
• Completed data entry, data reduction, and data analysis of experimental results obtained during human subject testing.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Iowa State University

Ames, IA

May 2017


COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (Less than 1 year), DOCUMENTING (Less than 1 year), MATLAB (Less than 1 year), MICROSOFT OFFICE (Less than 1 year), MS OFFICE (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

Composition: Proficient at communicating key findings in written reports and formal presentations. 
Engineering: Uses equations and engineering methods to calculate chemical properties and size process 
equipment using economic analysis to determine viability and design chemical process lines. 
Laboratory: Experience working in a laboratory environment, handling equipment, designing experiments 
based on a given problem statement with design parameters, determining conclusions based 
on data, and researching, formulating, documenting, and presenting results to management. 
Teamwork: Professional and academic experience working in collaboration to complete projects and 
effectively communicate to improve team performance and address group needs. 
Computer: Demonstrated experience in computer programming, and highly capable in utilizing 
professional software packages such as Aspen, Matlab, Microsoft Office and Unity Engine.