VP of Marketing and Business Manager. Floating manager/store rehabilitator

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Resume Example for VP of Marketing and Business Manager. Floating manager/store rehabilitator

Trilingual Business Professional/ VP Sales & Marketing/Marketing Management

Tampa, FL

I am an extremely experienced, trilingual business management/marketing professional. Proudly, speaking, reading and writing fluently in Arabic, French, and English at a native proficiency. Living abroad in Lebanon for 19 years, as well as here in the United States (which I have been a legal US citizen since 2013) for 18 years has helped to acclimate back and forth with ease to both Western and Eastern cultures and languages. This has aided immensely to expand and improve my international and local business and sales skills. It has also helped my international communication skills in business and marketing to appeal to multiple cultures of people when marketing, networking or just trying to connect with individuals or groups on a personal level.  
I am extremely detail oriented and a true perfectionist in all aspects of life, not just professionally. 
Consistently delivering high-quality and effective networking to obtain prestigious and sought after accounts. Also producing results-focused business management/marketing content, In-depth knowledge of worldly affairs, cultures, and politics primarily in the Middle East. I also have experience in social media marketing with expertise in analyzing, and identifying emerging market trends.  
Highly experienced in working and communicating with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. 
Dedicated and successful Linguist and Business Managment Marketing VP with over 15 years experience in translation, management, sales, customer service, marketing and public relations.  
Spending my spare time thoroughly educating myself on Middle Eastern politics to stay up to date for communication and networking purposes. Extremely skilled at developing outstanding sales teams both locally and internationally. I am always looking into new and innovative ways of marketing/business communication and sales trends to upgrade my skills. Keeping up with emerging market trends and always keeping up to date by researching/reading innovative B2B and networking updates here and around the world to always stay one step ahead. 
My communication and sales skills will outshine any of my competitors, and my 12 plus years of business and marketing management dealing with international and local clients places me in an advantageous position. I can assure that if given the chance, I would not disappoint. My perfect attendance at my previous employers and dedicated work ethic speaks for itself. I would love the chance to exercise my skills and passion for this work with your company. I would be an amazing asset and can promise that I would be one of your best and most valuable employees. I would work harder, longer and smarter than any of my competetors applying for this same position. That I can guarantee.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

VP of Marketing and Business Manager. Floating manager/store rehabilitator

Luekens Liquor

Tampa, FL

March 2013 to Present

Recognized as leading store in the district with the lowest under (1%) shrinkage 
Improved employee performance through the implementation of various selling strategies, resulting in 20% annual sales increase 
Insure product development efforts are focused on meeting the existing and future needs of the customer. 
Provide unsurpassed sales, service and support on a global basis. 
Plan, execute and lead communication between our global customers and company sales, service, and production organizations. 
Negotiate global agreements with customers and manage, review and renew such agreements as required to maximize business interests. 
Developed long term partnerships with the assigned accounts for the benefit of both companies. 
Developed a multinational sales team to assist in penetrating the accounts in all global regions to maximize business potential. 
Formulated and implemented account penetration plans that maximize sales and profits. 
Developed sales targets for the accounts within the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. 
Established high level contacts between our company and the customer. 
Worked within the customer’s and our organizations to ensure our comany is perceived as a qualified value added supplier. 
Increased 2016 YoY ROAS ~27% by optimizing budget allocation and improving conversion across multiple channels including: paid search, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. 
Generated $1.1MM in new revenue in one fiscal year (Just in the Tampa store alone) by leading the marketing team in the creation and launch of an affiliate marketing program, which achieved a 142% ROAS. 
Created $100k in new revenue through the launch of an affiliate marketing program. 
Improved customer relations by 23% (according to periodic customer surveys) By working with the sales team to route calls to reps, we increased sales of particular brands by 10%  
Develop and manage strategic B2B partnerships to improve positioning and expand brand reach. 
Directed and supervised a staff of over 12 employees in each store. 
Travel to other store locations to rehabilitate struggling stores. Also to hire, fire, train and motivate workers.  
Meetings are held by myself, in each store every week to teach and motivate employees and keep the stores running smoothly and effectively.  
Implemented training programs to comply with local and state regulations 
Directly responsible for running store to meet the company’s targets and policies 
Coordinated buying and merchandising decisions for a high volume liquor store as well as inventory replenishment with central office 
Managed vendor claims and delivery issues 
Always motivating and training workers to deliver excellent customer service by recognizing when they do a great job and rewarding such.  
Timeliness in working new items into store sets for purchase. 
Regularly maintained a positive back room inventory of less than 5%. 
Identify marketing opportunities to promote food and beverage products 
Ensure compliance with occupational, health, safety, and liquor regulations

Foreign Language Instructor for Adults

Saints Peter and Paul Maronite Church, Syrian Orthodox Church of Tampa

Tampa, FL

January 2008 to February 2015

Prepared lesson plans and researched multiple teaching methods to benefit all students.  
Incorporated basic classroom technology to include audio/video/DVD components, and computer applications, such as Microsoft Office; 
Interpreted students needs and consulted with students to provide solutions in a fast-paced classroom  
Delivered instruction via interactive synchronous and asynchronous learning activities; 
Provided 16-hour sessions of instruction according to a loosely structured curriculum designed to expose a student to a new language.  
Taught a basic understanding of the language orally with an emphasis on communication in a relaxed, yet structured atmosphere.  
Personally studied ISO Immersion Training 
Created interactive lesson plans to peak interest and prepared homework assignments to study and help students have a deeper understanding of the Arabic culture.  
Incorporated different classroom technology such as SmartBoard/Symposium and Blackboard 
Worked with colleagues on developing a comprehensive Arabic curriculum encompassing all areas of language; reading, writing, and oral for the different learning levels.  
Supplement instruction with contemporary authentic material. 
Prepared worksheets for Arabic for Beginners for the International Bacculaureate, Ab Initio program.  
Taught Arabic Language for foreigners during the period of 2008-2010 working with a number of executives from several big businesses in Beirut, Lebanon.

Remote Marketing Manager

CEC Distributing

Jacksonville, FL

January 2010 to February 2013

After earning my MBA with a 3.62 GPA I was hired at C.E.C Distribution, a tobacco distribution company to  
lead,coach and mentor a team of successful salesmen.  
I have utilized Nielsen ratings, Customer data, and internal proprietary data that helped our company drive  
category insights with possible retail partnerships.  
While I maintained as well as created partnerships with sales leads, they have become category partners with  
our retail customers.  
Manage Calendars, Answer Phones, Filing and bookkeeping. 
Manage marketing channels through face to face meetings and Internet Channels. 
Responsible for obtaining new clients and customer service. 
Participate in Portal User Acceptance testing running ALM Scripts to test and ensure quality. 
Ensure Evidence was being properly uploaded to SharePoint by using filters and extracting information from SharePoint. 
Have worked directly with the customers as well to identify sales opportunities and advise on promotional  
Since my hire date, revenues and sales increased by an average of 10% yearly.  
Achieved extremely high satisfaction from clients due to the increased quality of public relations.  
Held motivational and educational meetings every week so our salesmen had the advantage of being highly  
educated/informed on all products as well as new techniques on how to fully satisfy our customers.  
Initiated many market research studies and used the findings to increase our sales as well as customer  
Assisted in budgeting, product development, and researching new products to bring into our company which  
aided in a significant increase of revenue.

Private Arabic Translator/Linguist

TransPerfect, CLI, Upworks

Tampa, FL

January 2008 to February 2013

Translated legal and medical documents from Arabic to English and vice versa 
Interpreted, wrote and spoke Arabic/English to aide businesses, doctors and lawyers to better communicate with their patients/clients. 
Researched foreign and domestic websites. 
Performed analysis and derived information for numerous clients. 
Reviewed and analyzed Arabic source material for content and significance 
Transcribed/translated advanced graphic and voice language material into modern American English and Arabic in either verbatim or gisted format 
Prepared assessments of current events based on the collection, research, analysis and interpretations of classified and open source information of Arabic material. 
Provided quality control of transcripts, translations and reports 
Drafted and presented technical briefings


Mobile Gas Station

Tampa, FL

January 2000 to February 2010

While attending college, I was hired here to manage multiple Mobile locations.  
I was in charge of all purchasing and marketing of new products at the regions retail locations as well as the  
placement and marketing of new products.  
Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling and management of the stores full time and part time  
staff; as well as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.  
All of the stores under my management generated between a 15 and 45% sales increase over the first 5  
years and stores profits have increased accordingly.


MBA Global Marketing and Business Management in International Studies and Global Marketing

University of Phoenix-Tampa Campus

Tampa, FL

September 2009 to May 2011

Bachelor’s of Science in International Business

University of South Florida-Main Campus

Tampa, FL

September 2007 to May 2009

Associate of Applied Science in Business

St Petersburg College

St Petersburg Beach, FL

September 2004 to May 2006


Trilingual (10+ years), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Word Perfect, IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, Excel, Publisher, Rival HQ and Radian6, PaperPort, ScannSort, Access, Power Point, Website Creation, Internet Search Engine Expert, Any and all Social Media Sites Expertise. (5 years), Analytic writing and production management experience (5 years), Foreign Language Instructor for Adults (8 years), Translation/Linguist (10+ years), Extensive Middle Eastern political and cultural knowlede (10+ years), Ability to manage large number of employees (10+ years), Creative and Innovative (10+ years), Provide excellent unsurpassed sales, support and service on a global basis (8 years), Ability to develop extremely profitable sales targets locally and internationally (8 years), Ability to develop multinational sales teams to maximize business/sales potential (5 years), Experience in establishing high level contacts (7 years), Analyzing and Drafting reports (5 years), Provide SME (Subject Matter Expertise) on assignments (5 years), Ability to work in a fast-paced environment as a team player or independently (10+ years), Analyzing and Translating reports with sensitive/confidential subject matter and sometimes (5 years)