Psychsocial Rehabilitative Case Manager

The following is an example of a qualified / professional Psychsocial Rehabilitative Case Manager resume sample(s). These resume examples uses an integration resume layout. The Resume initiates with the applicants qualification profile, outlining key-qualifications for Rehab job field.

Then, the candidate has an outline of their full work experience (employment history) in sequential order with employment dates on file.

Next is the Educational background, listed in descending order (most recent first). It then moves onto the Professional Background, highlighting skills separated into professional & personal skills.

And lastly, Certifications/Licenses that the candidate it involved with. Then a final part displays any other additional information that the candidate want it to be listed.

Resume Example for Psychsocial Rehabilitative Case Manager

Educator/ Case Manager

Corpus Christi, TX

Experienced professional educator with 10+ years of experience. Possesses a BA 
in Psychology and expertise in Microsoft Excel. Strong organizational and 
communication skills strengthened and perfected throughout years of 
professional developments and trainings have provided leverage in acquiring 
strong leadership skills and the ability to manage challenging behaviors 
and circumstances calmly and effectively. I will bring to this company a 
strong desire to build quality relationships with colleagues and consumers 
to enhance our success of reaching goals while maintaining the same 

Work Experience

Psychsocial Rehabilitative Case Manager

National Smart Healthcare

Corpus Christi, TX

September 2016 to August 2017

Collaborate with hospital team to design a discharge plan for consumer. 
Complete Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA) to develop a Treatment and Recovery Plan tailored to the needs of the consumer. 
Assist consumer in obtaining social, educational, vocational, behavioral, medical and cognitive interventions. 
Provide solution focused therapy designed to treat negative symptomatology and increase treatment adherence. 
Medication assessment and monitoring.

Curriculum Coordinator

Childrens Educare

Corpus Christi, TX

September 2014 to August 2016

Maintain content level expertise while creating daily curriculum and relay knowledge by providing ongoing quality assistance to staff. 
● Develop and provide resources and best practices to implement 
quality improvement efforts. Provide assistance for any behavior 
teacher may find challenging by addressing the child’s need. 
Work cooperatively with agencies to meet the needs of the children and families served.

Science Teacher

West Oso Jr High

Corpus Christi, TX

September 2011 to August 2013

Create a safe and effective learning environment free from adverse consequences through proper classroom management and 
offering continuous praise and encouragement for positive 
● Develop lesson plans and differentiate for individual students 
based on their unique learning needs utilizing different 
instructional materials and aids to maximize each student’s 
learning potential. Ensure students are engaged using a broad 
variety of instructional strategies, activities and technology that 
accommodate the different learning and personality styles. 
● Maintain professional competence by regularly participating 
professional growth activities, trainings and workshops as well as independent research.


Bachelor’s in Psychology

Texas A&M

Corpus Christi, TX

September 1997 to August 2003


ACCESS (10+ years), EXCEL (10+ years), OUTLOOK (10+ years), SALES (3 years), Case Management (3 years), Teaching (10+ years), Curriculum Development (10+ years), Data Analysis (10+ years)


Teaching Certificate

New Home Sales Certificate

Certified by National Association of Homebuilders.


National Association of Homebuilders

Texas Education Agency

Additional Information

Microsoft Office and Outlook proficient – Microsoft Access and Excel 
proficient – Differentiating instruction specialist – Professional Tutor 
– Sales experience and expertise – Curriculum development and assessment 
expertise -Case Management