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Resume Example for Gas management

Gas management

Salem, MA

• Areas of design expertize include ultra-high vacuum, high voltage, cryogenics, ion 
and electron optics, vibration management, precision motion systems, pneumatics 
• Proven track record in management of complex product development projects 
involving coordination between various engineering groups 
WORK Carl Zeiss Co, Peabody MA […]

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Gas management

Vibration Isolation, High Vacuum Chamber

Peabody, MA

2002 to 2005

Vibration Isolation, High Vacuum Chamber, Focused Ion Beam Column, 
Cryogenic Field Emission Ion Source, Nano positioning Stage with 5 degrees of freedom, Gas management, Cryogenic systems 
FEI Co, Peabody, MA 2002-2005 
Sr. Mechanical Engineer 
• Designed Gallium Focused Ion Beam Columns 
• Developed novel Column Tilt Mechanism

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Micrion Co

Peabody, MA

1997 to 2002

• Designed Prototype Gas Field Ion Source operating at cryogenic temperatures 
• Developed multi-axis motorized Gas Injector System


M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
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