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Resume Example for Assist engineers

Assist engineers – Unit Corporation

Tulsa, OK

Work Experience

Assist engineers

Unit Corporation

Tulsa, OK

April 2014 to Present

– Tulsa, OK 
● Update Annual EIA23 Report for more than 3,000 operated properties 
● Maintain corporate PHDwin reserve database, daily and monthly production, ownership interests, pricing and operating cost models, price differentials and deducts, transportation and fixed costs. 
● Assist engineers with setting up graph products, running economics and building Access queries to pull data for management reports. 
● Run reserve comparisons in Access to compare from quarter to quarter 
● Devise a method in Access to more efficiently calculate quarterly shrink and yields from various data sources. 
● Advanced knowledge of Excel and Access to calculate price differentials, shrink and yield, comparison reports using Vlookups and relational database queries 
● Assist with acquisitions as needed using Aries or PHDwin

Senior Reservoir Engineering Technician or Associate

Plymouth Exploration

Tulsa, OK

October 2013 to March 2014

Set up and maintain company reserve database in PHDwin 
● Monitor production versus forecast and pull wells for review based on performance. Run quarterly and annual reports for bank. Import daily and monthly production, maintain ownership interests, capital costs, operating expenses & pricing. Set up type curves and apply to undeveloped properties. 
● Set up and maintain pipeline map in Petra database showing all gas, water and electric lines and CRP’s, leased acreage, PDP wells and future drilling. 
● Set up CRP pressure tracking system in Access 
● Set up user friendly form driven Access database to enable the company to easily share well information within departments 
● Create and maintain daily total net production Vs forecast in Excel

Senior Reservoir Engineering Technician or Associate

New Dominion, LLC

Tulsa, OK

January 2003 to September 2013

Coordinate technical responsibilities for small engineering staff which include regulatory filings, updating wellbore diagrams, organizing well files, providing well information reports for other departments as needed. 
● Maintain PHDwin Reserve database, run quarterly an in house reserve report annual reports for bank. Download operating costs form from company accounting system, analyze and calculate average monthly operating costs and work over expenses. Compare actual prices to NYMEX to determine price deducts for reserve reports. Update projections for PDP wells. Set up type curves for PUD wells and coordinate them with the drilling schedule. 
● Set up partnerships within reserve database to run economics and review potential acquisitions. 
● Import daily and monthly operated production from Access to PHDwin and the operations engineers’ Aries database 
● Design user friendly, form driven Access databases to enable the company to easily share well and production data within departments 
● Other databases include combining accounting actual and budget AFE data with engineering data to use with monthly management reports. Automate daily and monthly production reports to partners and provide production data to geology for use with Petra 
● Annual EIA23 and monthly EIA94 reports

Senior Reservoir Engineering Technician

The Prospective Investment and Trading Company

Tulsa, OK

August 1997 to January 2003

Maintain Aries for Windows Company Reserve database and run year end reserve report. 
● Download data from accounting system to calculate average operating costs & price deducts. 
● Download production data from accounting system and import into Aries Access database Download production from IHS on-line, CD-Rom data and Power Tools Convert Aries Dos Acquisition databases to Aries Windows, set up to run economics. 
● Build & Maintain all company Access databases for user input (Oil Marketing, Gas Balancing, Daily Drilling Reports and AFE’s) Export reserves from Access to import into accounting system 
● Download Cost Depreciation and Depletion data for tax department Set up Engineering and log files, order lease signs & stickers. 
● Data analysis (compare actual production and revenue to Aries forecasted production and revenue) Mark perfs, copy logs, gather data from log library Assist in installing software on user PC’s and rebooting NT server when needed and backup server.

Reservoir Engineering Technician

Vintage Petroleum, Inc

Tulsa, OK

February 1993 to September 1997

Assist in the evaluation and conversion of Aries DOS to Windows. 
● Maintain Company Reserve database and run year end reserve report. 
● Provide analysis reports for reserve report and capital budget using Microsoft Access and Excel. 
● Import and export data to and from Aries, Excel, Access, Dbase IV, PA, DSS, IHS/Dwights, PI, Etc. 
● Update and maintain daily production and print charts from Excel. 
● Create DSS (Dynamic Surveillance System, Landmark) databases and maintain them. 
● This software was used to plot daily well tests, bubble and location maps. 
● Assist in acquisitions as needed.

Engineering Technician Contract Basis

Eland Energy Corp

Dallas, TX

August 1992 to November 1992

Convert Enpak reserve database to Ogre. 
● Update production and run year end reserve report. 
● Assist in creating acquisition databases and running reserve economics.

Senior Engineering Technician


Dallas, TX

December 1990 to December 1991

Maintain, update and run mid-year and year-end reserves for Dallas district office using Ogre Economics Software 
● Input and maintain database for reserve comparisons and special projects using Dbase IV software. 
● Prepared graphics for management using Lotus, Harvard Graphics and Ogre

Senior Engineering Technician


Dallas, TX

1990 to 1991

Set up relational database system for production and lease information using DbaseIII and IV. 
● Pulled data from Aries Reserve System (Garrett) to Dbase to print reports and vise versa. 
● Used Aries to plot decline curves and do reserve forecasting. 
● Assist engineers in preparing divestiture packages. 
● Order logs and geological maps, mark formations tops and perfs and spot wells.

Senior Engineering Technician


Dallas, TX

1988 to 1990

Coordinated and ran reserve evaluations for quarterly drilling analysis, acquisitions, quarterly and year end reserve reports for eight district offices. 
● Created one-line summary reports for drilling program analysis and year end reserve report for SEC publication using DB2/SQL. 
● Provided user support for engineering department and all district offices in the coding and running of Aries Reserve Analysis software, Ogre, Lotus and other various software packages. 
● Interacted with ISD and Garrett Computer Systems in their development of Aries Reserve Analysis Program for the IBM Mainframe. 
● Downloaded data from DB2 to PC to manipulate using Lotus & Dbase III Prepared graphics for management using Lotus and Harvard Graphics. 
● Plotted and projected decline curves for reserve evaluations.

Computer Technician


Dallas, TX

December 1985 to December 1987

Assist users in accounting applications using Lotus, Dbase III, Creative Solutions and other accounting. 
● software. 
● Installed and maintained all software for Compaq’s and IBM PC’s.

Senior Engineering Technician


Tulsa, OK

1980 to 1986

Researched and compiled data for use by Petroleum Engineers in the area of geological mapping, land development, pricing and ownership interests. 
● Built and maintained databases using Ogre Reserve Economics software and 1022 Database Management in a Dec computer environment. 
● Prepared spreadsheets and graphics to assist in core analysis studies and other related projects. 
● Initiated new methods to download data from mainframe to PC.


Tulsa Junior College

Tulsa, OK

Petroleum Geology for the Non-geologist

Tulsa University

Tulsa, OK

Additional Information

Self-motivated, aggressive problem solver with more than twenty-five years of experience as a reservoir engineering tech. 
Core Qualifications 
● Strong analytical skills – Ability to analyze data logically and systematically to resolve issues and meet deadlines with accuracy 
● Excellent problem solving skills – Ability to think outside the box, resolve problems with well thought out solutions 
● Expert in PHDwin and Aries analysis software – Ten years of experience using PHDwin and Aries Economic Software 
● Experience with PHDwin and Aries Database Conversions

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